Bear Creek Soccer, Bear Creek Township PA
8-25-2012Schedules are updated for 2012. Go to the Contact Us page to email Nick Irace with any web site issues.
3-18-2012Rule Change: A player cannot play up any more than two years with the following criteria being the order that must be followed. 1.Peers 2.The team needs players to field a team 3.Sibling, if needed 4.Gender
3-18-2012Example: A player is 9 as of 7/31, turning 10 after 8/1. The player is a U10 player because he is still 9 as of 7/31, but he is in 5th grade. Other 5th graders are playing U11.
3-18-2012Example(cont.): This player can play up to U11 because of the peer exception. If none of the circumstances below apply, the player needs to play his/her true "U", not play up just because his parent wanted him to.
3-18-2012Please contact the board with any questions. If there are any questionable situations, the board will make the final call.